Allen & Unwin, 2002

Case 1 in the ‘Allie’s Ghost Hunters’ series

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‘Allie’s Ghost Hunters’ series
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The first of the ‘Allie’s Ghost Hunters’ series introduces eleven-year-old Allie Gebhardt, who moves into her new house only to discover that a ghost is haunting her brother’s room – and is very hard to shift, despite the efforts of paranormal investigators and feng shui experts.

This title is also available in Germany (Carl Hanser Verlag), Poland (Wydawnictwo Amber) and the Czech Republic (Mlada Fronta).

‘The trick of writing a ghost story is how to find an original twist to an old, old theme. This novel, set in modern Sydney but with a suitably spooky house, does.’
The Age

‘Cleverly creepy, well-written and well-researched, this is a delightful spine-tingler and a great read for 10 to

The Sunday Tasmanian

‘Catherine Jinks’s latest book is a successful blend of mystery, ghost busting and sleuthing . . . ’
Children’s Bookseller and Publisher

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‘Not your normal ghost story, this . . . Instead we have a cross between a ghost story and a detective story. And very convincing it is too . . . Eglantine works well on many levels; it is spooky, it is intelligent and it has an involving story-line.’

‘There is a lightness of touch to this delightful story that would appeal to younger readers but the suspense is deep and the plot with its parallel stories . . . provides appealing substance for older readers as well. A first-class ghost story.’
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