Penguin Books Australia,
1999 – out of print

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Set in fifteenth-century Italy, this is the story of what happens when eleven-year-old Camilla, maidservant and daughter of a sewage collector, decides that she’s as good as anybody – and that she’s not going to marry a man who looks like a pile of pig’s guts!

‘Slapstick humour and a richly scatological text, plus a plucky hero with whom young readers will instantly identify, ensure the immediate popularity of this warm, funny,
energetic tale.’

Australian Book Review

‘The reference to human excreta, and all its comic possibilities, together with the fascinating but seemingly ridiculous detail of everyday medieval life that Jinks is so good at makes for an entertaining romp in which pomposity is lampooned and the ordinary celebrated.’

‘An enjoyable romp.’
Gold Coast Bulletin

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‘Those who are into contemporary linguistics and literary criticism will have a field day teasing out the intertextuality of this audacious piece of metafiction. For it is very clever, witty and challenging: the literature of the absurd . . . brilliant, and one can even detect a touch of Pagan in it.’
Reading Time

‘The Stinking Great Lie is a funny, lively and entertaining story skillfully told. Regular references to dung and human excrement and the gory talks of the saints should keep most upper primary readers glued to the pages.’