Pan MacMillan, 1999 – out of
print in Australia

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When his superior’s dismembered corpse is discovered, fourteenth-century Inquisitor of Heretical Depravity, Bernard Peyre, attempts to investigate the crime. But he himself soon becomes an object of persecution – thanks to his involvement with a mysterious suspect and her beautiful daughter.

This title is still available in the United States (St. Martin’s Minotaur), Germany (Rowohlt), Spain (Roca Editorial), Portugal (Bertrand Editorial), Poland (Tyrs) and Brazil (Marco Polo).

‘Jinks does an admirable job of depicting the lives of 14th-century monks and the world they inhabited . . . The Inquisitor is a strong tale well told . . .’
The San Francisco Chronicle

 ‘Jinks spins a feasible and fun story of a rational man in an irrational time, with a little unsolved sexual tension thrown in for good measure. Those rascally monks. The murder mystery is convincingly clever.’
The Age

 ‘This is pacy, witty historical detective fiction, far more entertaining that The Name of the Rose . . . [Jinks] deserves cult status.’

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‘The most engaging Australian novel I have picked up this year . . . Jinks effectively creates a quite believable historical world which does not impede the wham-bam action and at the same time manages not to insult the intelligence . . . This book is a page-turner.’
The Sydney Morning Herald

 ‘A fast-moving and entertaining look at medieval France under strict church rule . . .’
Publishers Weekly


  • Elo Arkomen

    My name is Elorri, I’m a musicology student from the Basque Country and now I attend a master in history and heritage. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing books, particularly for The Inquisitor. I recognize that when I bought it I didn’t know what it was about, I got it because I’m passionate about medieval period. But I should say that it really touched me deeply, especially when my road on history is beginning and your book has motivated me. You have a follower on me, please keep on writing.

    • Catherine Jinks

      Wow, Elorri! The Basque Country! That’s DEFINITELY a first for me! Thanks so much for your message! I really appreciate it.

      By the way, ‘The Inquisitor’ has two kind-of sequels, one of which was only published in Australia. The first is called ‘The Notary’ (in English) and the second is called ‘The Secret Familiar’. They all deal with medieval heresy, and there’s a thread of connection, but the characters are different. I think they’re out of print now, but you could probably get them on Amazon.

  • Jose

    Hi! My name is José, I´m from México. I love your novels, well, at least the ones that are available here (not to many!). I got caught by your way of writting in “The Inquisitor”… excellent narrative!
    I recently found another of your novels in a used books market in Mexico City, and its called “El secreto del Inquisidor” (The secret of the inquisitor). I couldn’t find it by that name anywhere on the internet! but now I see that the original name is “The secret familiar” and also by Reading your entry, now I know that there’s another medieval novel of yours!! I’ll make sure i buy it on amazon.
    Thank you very much and keep up that great job!

  • Catherine Jinks

    Thanks you so much, Jose! Mexico! That’s exciting. I’ve never been to Mexico.
    I’ve actually written three ‘Inquisition’ novels – all of which have been much, much more popular in Europe and parts of South America (and Mexico!) than they were in Australia. The first was ‘The Inquisitor,’ the second was ‘The Notary’ and the third was ‘The Secret Familiar’. While the first is about the Cathars, the third is about the Beguins. Different heretics, you see – and different inquisitors, too. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if ‘The Notary’ ever made it down your way – or what it was called if it did. They were all published a long time ago, and I have a shocking memory. But it’s so, so nice to hear that someone, somewhere, is still enjoying them. I’m really grateful that you told me!.