Penguin Books Australia, 1998

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A title in the ‘Aussie Bites’ series for young readers, this is the story of the Andovers and their disastrous weekend away – which features a breakdown, a constipated dog, and a carload of dirty nappies (among other things).

This title is also available in Mexico (Castillo) and France (Editions J’ai Lu).

‘I loved this great story which encompasses everyone’s experience of a memorable holiday! The storyline is fun and is sure to bring many belly laughs from children aged 7-9.’

‘There are plenty of amusing mishaps which should provide young readers with a giggle or two.’

‘It was straightforward and easily understood. It would be a good read
for a child from age 6 to 10.’
The Shoalhaven Independent

  • suele

    Hi Cathie, may I please know the word count for The Horrible Holiday? It is very important! Thanks a lot!!!

    • Catherine Jinks

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know! It was written a long time ago, and I don’t have the manuscript anymore.

  • bella

    Dear Catherine Jinks,

    My name is Bella, a student form University of Sydney. I am writing to acknowledge you that we are translating your ‘The Horrible Holiday’. This semester four of us (as a group) are doing a Chinese translation unit, we are required to do a translation project by the end of this semester. We have looked at a few children’s book, we have finally selected ‘The Horrible Holiday’ written by you. It is my pleasure to read and translate your book. In this translation project, we are asked to translate 4000 English words only into Chinese, therefore we cut the source text down in order to meet the criteria. Each of us will translate 1000 English words, and then we will have two rounds of peer reviews in rotation. In addition, we will ask some friends for suggestion. Finally, our Professor- Dr Wei Wang will go through our translation project, and give us some suggestion.
    We are translating this not only for our interest and course requirement, but we thought it would be great for kids cannot read English to read a Chinese version of your book. All of us will keep a copy of the translation version of your book, we would like to pass on to friends and kids we known. By the way, we can send a copy to your after our professor checked our translation work. I hope you will like it. Here is my email address:

    Kind regards

  • Catherine Jinks

    Oh, wow Bella! That’s so exciting! Thank you so much! I can’t WAIT to see a Chinese translation! I’ll send an email to you privately so you can send me your translation when you’re done …