Penguin Books Australia,
1998 – out of print

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Dallas wants to find out what’s killing the feral pigs she shoots for a living. Her quest takes her to Agricultural and Biomedical Research Industries (ABR), where she befriends Felix, a teenaged prodigy who works in the gene-sequencing labs, and Ron, who cleans the animal pens. But things aren’t all they seem at ABR, and Dallas makes an alarming discovery . . .

Winner of the Australian IBBY Award, 2000.

‘Jinks is a vivid, colourful writer.’

‘This is a truly wonderful read and I’d recommend it for teenagers.’
The Hobart Mercury

‘A great story and very topical with cloning in the news.’
Book News (WA)

‘An entertaining book for the older teenager interested in genetic engineering.’
The Launceston Examiner

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‘This is an excellent novel . . . The characterisations are detailed and the action far too believable, through an interesting blend of science fact and fiction.’


  • Davina Newton

    Hi Catherine, was Piggy in the Middle ever made into an audiobook or cd? Thankyou.

    • Catherine Jinks

      I’ve looked through my collection of audiobooks – which goes back a long way – and I can’t find a ‘Piggy in the Middle’ recording. I’m always sent one and I always keep them so I doubt an audiobook was made. If you can’t find anything on the internet, then I think we can safely say it doesn’t exist!

      • Davina Newton

        No worries, thanks for checking. :)