Allen & Unwin, 2002

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In 1814 Dorothea Brande leaves her Devonshire home to accompany her officer husband Charles to the colony of New South Wales. Here she escapes the harshness of the landscape and the brutality of common existence by cultivating an English garden – where both she and her convict servant Daniel find a special kind of refuge.

‘This bittersweet, romantic story of a woman’s personal journey towards acceptance and understanding is a
book well worth reading.’

Good Reading

‘An intelligent romance and absorbing account of life in Australia in the early 1800s.’
The Australian Women’s Weekly

‘This beautifully written novel is a must for all romantics out there’

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‘Jinks . . . is a marvellous writer with a flair for bringing the past to life with believable characters, interesting plots and realistic dialogues . . . An excellent read.’
The Newcastle Herald

‘This foray into romantic historical fiction is . . . well-researched, fluently competent and highly readable . . . a moving and engaging love story.’
The Canberra Times