Allen & Unwin, 2004

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Allen & Unwin

Once, Helen’s life was like a well-organised filofax, and her boyfriend Matt was the icing on the cake. Now she’s juggling two kids, a never-ending renovation and a part-time job that’s become her refuge. As for that wildly sexy boyfriend, he’s turned into a wildly impractical husband. Even so, she doesn’t want to lose him to the Girl with Purple Hair . . .

This title is also available in the United States (Kensington Books).

‘An intelligent exploration of a non-fairytale approach to a huge and plausible modern-day family
challenge . . . ‘
The Sydney Morning Herald

‘The novel’s strengths are Jinks’s humour and her mastery of convincing details . . . Spinning Around is universal without being clichéd, familiar without being formulaic, typical without resorting to stereotypes.’
Australian Book Review

‘Funny and warm.’

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The Courier-Mail‘Written with empathy and dry humour.’
New Idea‘Witty and fast-paced.’

Limelight‘A realistic ending that is neither depressing nor trite, leaving readers with enough to chew on while they contemplate, again, the somewhat comforting mundane things of life such as kids getting chickenpox.’
Cairns Post