Pan MacMillan,
2000 – out of print

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Sixties’ heartthrob Hector McKerrow is hot again, thanks to re-runs of his breakthrough TV show. When twelve-year-old fan Mercy Whetton tries to make contact, she kicks off a worldwide Internet search that quickly escalates into a fierce – and deadly – competition.

Published in the United Kingdom as
‘To Die For’ (Pan MacMillan) in 2002.

‘An utterly compelling and convincing exploration of the internet’s potential for manipulation. There have been many attempts to write e-mail epistolary novels, but few have succeeded as
well as Jinks does.’

The Scotsman

‘Compulsive reading.’
Booksellers’ Choice

‘This is a brilliant book, bright and breezy at the outset, darkly disturbing at its conclusion.’
Literary Review

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‘A clever and ultimately cautionary novel . . . Jinks creates a wide and convincing range of personalities and winds up the tension with a chilling climax.’
The Adelaide Advertiser

‘Jinks conveys menace brilliantly in a well crafted and compelling story that should have wide appeal.’