Allen & Unwin, 2007

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Allen & Unwin

Sixteen-year-old Cheney has been enjoying a perfectly planned life aboard the ark ship Plexus with his friends and family. But when the ship passes through a mysterious energy stream, his peaceful world is changed forever. Suddenly, he’s in the middle of an
all-out war.

This title is also available in the United States (Houghton Miffflin Harcourt).

‘The race-against-time adventure is chock-full of scientific revelations, gruesome corpses and a marvelously gratuitous samurai sword . . . Packed with thrills, this deserves equally over-the-top CGI. In a word AWESOME.’
Kirkus Reviews

‘Catherine Jinks set out to create a ‘teenage Alien’ and she’s done a great
job in doing so. Expect gore, thrills
and surprises.’

The Sunday Age

‘The ingenious concept which drives this sci-fi thriller is developed in lurid detail as the story unfolds . . . Young sci-fi fans will relish the story and hope for a possible sequel.’

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‘Jinks describes her book as ‘a teenage Alien’ and she successfully evokes the claustrophobic horror that made this movie such a nail-bitingly frightening experience. Although this is a book with a message, Jinks is a skilful enough author to keep it from intruding excessively into her tension-filled plot.’
Canberra Times

‘With cinematic descriptions and nearly nonstop action, Living Hell begs to be adapted for the big screen.’

‘The relationships and dynamics across the characters are complex and interesting and the theme of human resilience for life against technology is powerful.’
Reading Time

‘The premise is a gruesome delight, exploiting all the nightmarish possibilities of Slim Goodbody and Fantastic Voyage for a new generation.’
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

‘Blood-pumping, page-turning, edge-of-the-seat reading. That’s not the media package or the blurb, that’s the review in a nutshell for Catherine Jinks’s teenaged version of the Alien movie . . . the most action-packed human biology lesson since Innerspace.’

‘It’s a nifty idea . . . Living Hell takes you on a whale of a ride. Every other page, you gasp, “Oh, no!”.’
January Magazine

‘This is a highly imaginitive and clever book with singular characters, challenging language, thought-provoking concepts and a fast-paced storyline.’
Good Reading Magazine

‘Jinks said she wanted to write a kind of Alien for kids, and she’s succeeded. The writing is tight, clean and precise, the pace and plotting are very well managed, and the suspense is maintained throughout the book . . . I really enjoyed Living Hell – so much so, I’m recommending it to my seventeen-year-old cousin for her consideration. I read it quickly, avidly, found no spelling mistakes, and at no point did I feel the urge to throw it against the wall. Thumbs up for Jinks.’
As If Reviews (