Pengiun Books Australia, 2007

Isaac wants mice for his birthday, so Dad brings home Katie and Cleo. But Katie and Cleo don’t like their new home, even after they’ve redecorated their mouse house, and found the fridge. They’re about to move out when they discover the joys of television, and decide to stick around for a while
after all . . .

‘[A] gorgeous story of two naughty little
mice . . . ‘

Herald Sun

‘Quirky and original . . . This is a funny and clever book that will appeal to a young child’s sense of humour.’
Sydney’s Child

‘Catherine Jinks [has] managed to create a feeling of being in on the mice’s secret from the start and to build an empathy with them. Really, why shouldn’t they have the nice things life has to offer?’

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‘The text of this entertaining little story reads aloud well and is nicely complemented by the clear and expressive illustrations. The gentle humour of the book, which keeps going right through to the endpapers, will appeal to preschoolers and it will also make an enjoyable read-aloud text for younger school classes.’