American Library Association’s Top Thirty

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‘How to Catch a Bogle’ has been included in the 2013 Lasting Connections list, compiled by ‘Book Links’ magazine – which is published by the American Library Association.  This list features the year’s top thirty picture books, novels and non-fiction titles aimed at kindergarten-to-eighth grade classrooms, and is designed to highlight books that (according to ‘Book Links’ editor Gillian Engberg) “lend themselves to broad use across the curriculum and range from a stirring picture-book portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahalia Jackson to a fantastical thriller about a young goblin-catcher in Victorian England”. Apparently the Lasting Connections list is considered an ‘essential resource’ for school librarians – so you can imagine how pleased I am about this listing!

My book is featured in the ‘Language Arts’ section of the list, alongside works by people like Suzanne Collins and Susan Cooper. Here is the full Lasting Connections list.

Woohoo! Thank you, ALA!