Pan MacMillan,
2001 – out of print

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Early in the 21st century, Joseph Peek turned into another person. Eighty years later, journalism student Aldo Frewin discovers who that person was – and why he’s now living as Jarom Woodruff, aged 16, in a troubled Mormon cult in remote Tasmania. Will Jarom die as Joseph died? Has a genetic experiment changed the course of history?

This title is still available in Germany (Carl Hanser Verlag).

‘This book offers many ideas to think about, woven into a tight and
complex plot.’

Jugendliteratur Aktuell, Switzerland

‘Catherine Jinks invents a scenario of the future that can be looked at with a smile, but then it also calls for some serious thought about the growing speed of technological progress and where it will all end.’
Maerkische Allgemeine, Germany