Penguin Books, 1993

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It had been an ordinary day for Paula until she was kidnapped and transported to a space colony 5000 years into the future. Her presence there could save an entire species. But what of her own future back on Earth? Is she to be trapped on Gnosis-10 forever?

‘ . . . dazzlingly inventive and richly textured . . . I am not a dedicated reader of speculative fiction, but, like all fine writing, this book transcends and extends the confines of its genres. It’s one of the best novels I’ve read this year.’
The Age

‘A compelling novel for young adults, written in an easy, readable style.’
Country View magazine

‘The Future Trap is a very enjoyable novel suitable for mature, open-minded readers with huge imaginations.’
Shoalhaven Independent

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‘I would recommend this book for all students from the age of eleven into secondary school. It is exciting, with capture, intrigue and battle in a far distant future. It is also thought-provoking, raising issues of scientific gene manipulation, human rights and . . . the question of exactly it means to be human.’
Fiction Focus