Egmont USA, 2013

Available from

Allen & Unwin

Noble the Slayer is on a quest to save Princess Lorellina from the Fortress of Bone. Life is an endless fight until a young stranger named Rufus suddenly appears and tells Noble that he can lay down his weapon if he wants to. According to Rufus, it’s time that Noble took control of his own destiny. But Rufus’s idea of freedom soon brings their whole world crashing down. Because Noble isn’t a knight of Thanehaven, he’s a character in a computer game. And as Rufus jumps from game to game, preaching freedom to a whole assortment of sub-programs, Noble begins to realise that his new friend is a very bad influence.

This title is also available in Australia (Allen & Unwin).

The impressively versatile Catherine Jinks has entered the world of the computer game in her new novel … Jinks has wonderful ironic fun with the inside of her computer … Very clever, thought-provoking and entertaining.
The Adelaide Advertiser

‘Jinks … serves up a genuinely funny tale, filled with sprightly (or is that spritely?) characters, unpredictable twists, and a veritable 
roman a clef of half-familiar video game scenarios. Games should adore this book.’
Publishers Weekly

‘Award-winning Australian author Jinks delivers neatly crafted middle-grade storytelling, effortlessly blending social commentary into the omniscient narration. Clever thought-provoking fun for 
all – especially for technology geeks and those who love them.’
Kirkus Reviews

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