Allen & Unwin, 2006

Book Five in the ‘Pagan Chronicles’

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The fourth book in the Pagan Chronicles, this is the story of delicate, bookish Isidore, who becomes scribe to Pagan Kidrouk, Archdeacon of Carcassonne, in 1209 – the year in which papal forces from the north begin their bloody crusade against the Cathar heretics of Isidore’s country.

Winner of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award, 1997 (Young Adult Fiction).

This title is also available in the United States (Candlewick Press) and Germany (Carl Hanser Verlag).

‘Jinks is a consummate and seamless storyteller . . . She has returned to her Pagan world and created Pagan’s Daughter, a stand-alone story that is a triumph . . . The quality and pace of [her] writing is flawless.’
The Sydney Morning Herald

‘ . . . a coming-of-age novel, but of a very high order . . . Pagan’s Daughter is the best kind of story: one which takes us to a world which is totally foreign, surprising and distant and yet one where we never lose sight of ourselves.’
The Canberra Times

‘Pagan’s Daughter is alive with narrative energy.’
The Age

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‘A sharp-tongued protagonist enlivens a medieval tapestry stuffed with mysterious antecedents, religious persecution and gory violence, in this irresistible followup to Jinks’ beloved quartet about Pagan Kidrouk . . . Thelfth-century Languedoc — sordid, squalid and bawdily beautiful — glows with its own earthy vitality. While Babylonne’s story stands well on its own, make sure that interested readers can find the previous titles wile hoping for as many sequels.’ 
Kirkus Reviews

‘The author has considerable knowledge of the times and creates an exciting, gritty account . . . Pagan’s Daughter is a new pleasure for the readers of Jinks’s earlier Pagan adventures.’


  • Tobie

    What happens next? How does Babylonne fit in with the epilogue in Pagan’s Scribe?à

    Thanks very much for the wonderful story,


    • Catherine Jinks

      Well, Tobie, Pagan met Babylonne’s mother after he left Carcassonne, on his way to Prouille. It’s not mentioned in the ‘Pagan’s Scribe’ epilogue, but it all fits nicely. And what happened after that is recounted in ‘Babylonne’ (or ‘Pagan’s Daughter’, as it’s called here in Australia!)
      Subject: Re: New comment posted on Pagan’s Daughter

      • Tobie

        Yes, but what happens after Pagan’s Daughter ends?

        • Catherine Jinks

          Sorry about the delay,Tobie – I’ve been sick.

          Well, now, I’m not quite sure what happens after Pagan’s daughter, because I never wrote another book. But I’ve got a feeling Isidore would have taken Babylonne to Bologna and put her in some kind of convent. But of course she would have run away as soon as possible. After that, I’m not quite sure. Maybe she would have got married to someone eventually, and had a son called Pagan …

          Subject: Re: New comment posted on Pagan’s Daughter

  • Tobie

    What is the nature of the relationship between Isidore and Babylonne? Sibling, father-daughter, romantic,…?

    • Catherine Jinks

      Oh, father/daughter, definitely. I never saw those two ‘getting together’.

      Subject: Re: Comment on Pagan’s Daughter

  • Karen Howard

    I am 63. I have been reading your Pagan books for a long time. I love them . Have Just read ‘Pagan’s Daughter’ and was sorry to come to the end! Hope there will be more in the Pagan Chronicles. ( Also loved The Notary). Karen

  • Catherine Jinks

    Thank you so much, Karen! Wow – I don’t think many people read ‘The Notary.’ I’m sorry to say there won’t be any more Pagans; I was toying with one more set in Bologna, but there just wasn’t enough for me to work with.

  • Elymas

    Hello! My friend Avi and I love the Pagan Chronicles (we’ve asked you questions in the past. Thank you for always being so kind and answering those!). One of my favorite parts of Pagan’s Daughter was seeing how Isidore has grown since Pagan’s Scribe. I recalled that in Pagan’s Scribe Isidore mentioned that he didn’t know Greek yet, and I was wondering if he ever learned it later in life. I apologize about the pure randomness of this query, but I was just curious. Thank you, and have an amazing day.

  • Catherine Jinks

    Oh, I think Isidore would definitely have learned Greek. He was so smart, and such an impressive scholar, he might even have learned Arabic (as a sort of tribute to Pagan).

    • Elymas

      I assumed he did, but I just wanted to check. I enjoy little details like that. I also love the idea that he would learn Arabic as a tribute to Pagan! I always loved the father/son relationship Pagan and Isidore had during Pagan’s Scribe. Thanks for answering my questions! I appreciate it.

  • Catherine Jinks

    No problem!

  • David J

    I’ve been reading the Pagan Chronicles since Pagan’s Crusade was assigned to me as a Year 8 textbook back in 1996. As an adult I re-bought (and re-read) the series up until Pagan’s Scribe, and have re-read the series a few times since. I’ve carried the characters with me for decades now.

    I recently discovered (way too late) that Pagan’s Daughter had come out. I’m only half way through but wanted to thank you for the chance to continue this beautiful history.

    • Catherine Jinks

      Oh, thank you so much, David. I deeply appreciate hearing that something I wrote had such a long-lasting effect – that it might even be a comfort series! I have my own comfort books, so I know how important they are. It’s kind of you to spend time making my day a little better!