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Posted by on Sep 30, 2019 in News | 2 Comments

Novella Fine Books

‘Shepherd’ making an appearance on the ‘New Release’ shelves – thanks to Novella Fine Books in Wahroonga, Sydney!

  • Adam Ray Thompson

    Hello, I’m trying to get a hold of Catherine Jinks to gain permissions to create a fan film out of the book Evil Genius. What would the best form of communication be for this type of inquiry?

  • Catherine Jinks

    Hi Adam. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re still such a big fan of Evil Genius’ after all these years – and that you still want to make a film of it. The trouble is, I’ve optioned it to a TV production company here in Australia, which is trying to turn it into a cartoon series. They haven’t succeeded yet, and with recent world-shattering events I don’t know that they ever will, but they still have the film and TV rights.

    I’m sorry about that. Maybe if the option lapses in a year or so, and they haven’t found funding to make the thing, you could have another shot.