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If you’ve ever wanted to ask me about my writing and research methods, check out the interview that’s just been posted on the Kids Book Review website.

  • Brenna Crow

    Hi Ms. Jinks,

    I was wondering, regarding your book The Genius Squad, whether the Genome in your book is related to the Genome that is ongoing today. Is it merely a coincidence or are you against GenoMe and have decided to write your opinion into your books? I’ve read the whole trilogy and I loved it. Please get back to me.

    • Catherine Jinks

      I’m not against mapping the human genome at ALL, Brenna – by no means! I just thought GenoME was a good name because of the emphasis on ‘ME’ (ie. selfishness). I think gene-mapping generally is a great idea – though I’m not so keen on the idea of companies trying to patent genes.
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      • Brenna Crow

        Ok thanks Ms. Jinks. May I ask how you got such a idea to write the whole trilogy? I loved the books a lot so I was just wondering.