Apology to My Fans

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in blog | 3 Comments

I’ve just realised that for the last four months or thereabouts, my replies to website questions have not been posted, even though I’ve been writing them. The way I USED to post messages on Disqus isn’t working any more, but since I’m lax about checking the actual website, I only just noticed. My heartfelt apologies to all those who’ve been waiting for answers – all the missing replies have now been posted.

  • http://queendsheena.blogspot.com/ Sheena-kay Graham

    Hi. I’m new to the site. Just wondering how come your How to Catch a Bogle series is not on your book list on this website. Was that just because of the many books or something else? Your site is quite beautiful by the way.

  • Dianne Myers

    HI Can you tell me when Charlatan wil be released? Thank you.

  • Catherine Jinks

    Charlatan is due to be released next week – the first week of July.